Saturday, August 16, 2014

Multimedia Arts Camp Day 5:

     The multimedia arts camp finished up today as a big success. The students put their final touches on their videos and presented them to the entire camp. Before the videos were shared, students had time to either finish editing their videos or tour around the campus. I took my students to see some of the buildings around campus and to meet some students because a participant wanted to talk to Clemson students. Together we checked out Hardin Hall home of the History, Geography, Philosophy, and Religious Studies department. The participant enjoyed an opportunity to talk to a professor about what college is like and how things at Clemson work.
     Afterwards the students met in Godfrey hall to have a martial arts lesson from Tamika. This lesson had mixed results, some of the students really enjoyed it, but it seemed like the majority of the students just wanted to sit around and not participate. If I were to do this again I would figure out a way to try and make the activity more engaging for the students so they wanted to willingly participate.
     After the martial arts lesson the students moved into the basement of Tillman to watch the videos they had made. Across the board the videos were good and one could tell that the students had worked hard on them. Jordan had technical difficulties with her computer, but the students still came upstairs and crammed into the DML lab to watch the completed video.
     The paper plate superlatives given to each student were a huge success. I was doubtful when Dr. Rogers ran the idea by us but the students really seemed to enjoy them, and they were a nice way to tie off the camp. All in all, I'd mark the camp down as a success. The projects were spectacular, the students had fun, and the Moore Scholars group as a whole got some new teaching experiences.

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