Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Multimedia Arts Camp Day #2... and a Rainstorm

Today was the second day of camp for Moore Scholars Cohort A and it was a productive day. The students were opening up and even more excited to get going on their projects. They all have wonderful ideas for civic engagement topics and how their final video project will show these off. The campers creativity and wide range of ideas continues to surprise me with every idea they share. From human trafficking, animal abuse, to bullying and every topic in between you could imagine these students are making videos about. Some are just aiming to bring awareness to a campaign and others are creating their own campaign showing the problem and their own ideas for possible solutions. We are all getting excited to see the final projects from the ideas we heard during the group updates today.

Camp started with a get to know you activity called "What's on your plate" where the students had paper plates with 4 sections drawn on them and each section they wrote about themselves so we could all get to know each other a little bit more. Next, we all brainstormed iPad safety ideas and a Moore Scholar showed the campers how to use iMovie, the application the final video projects will be created with. We hoped to show the students the lab next door in Godfrey Hall that has a dance studio space. Everyone made a run for it in the pouring rain and the door was locked so we had to turn around. Hopefully there are clear skies and the proper key so we can check out the space tomorrow.

Tomorrow is when most of the filming for the projects will begin. Actors will be preforming skits, props will be made, puppies will be on campus, a special guest for our inter-generational story telling group, basketball players will make appearances and many other talents will be showcased. These campers are so talented and their creativity is going to shine through in their final projects. They are already learning more about civic engagement and these videos have lots of promise.

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