Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday August 10, 2014
Camp begins tomorrow!
                Tomorrow, the Moore Scholars embark on a journey that is in its inaugural year. We are leading a multimedia arts camp in which we invite students from the surrounding area to come to Clemson University campus. At this camp we plan to talk about the topic of Civic Engagement with the campers and then assist them in creating a video that is meant to raise awareness about their subject. For the past two days, all of the Scholars and our instructor, Dr. Angela Rogers, have been training and preparing for the students to arrive on campus. During our training we talked about topics like what to do in case of weather and health emergencies, learned about the students that we will be working with, etc.
                  As I sit on the eve of our camp, I have many emotions and feelings regarding the camp. I am very excited to meet all of the campers that are attending our camp and to get to know them. I am excited to brainstorm topics that the campers want to work on and learn what their interests are. On the other hand, I am a little nervous for the camp. First of all, I feel that since it is the first year of the camp, there are still some small kinks that will need to be worked out as we go along. Secondly, I am worried that the campers will not connect with us as counselors. However, I think this is a concern that many groups have in situations similar to this.

                  All in all, I am very excited to get the opportunity to participate in this monumental occasion and look forward to gain many experiences along the way!

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