Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday August 13, 2014

Moore Scholars Multimedia Arts Camp Day 3 Blog Post

            Well, we’ve made it through two days of training and three days of camp, we are in the home stretch everyone! The students are definitely warming up to the scholars and seem to be enjoying themselves, for the most part. As always, there are those select few who do not want to participate, but as future teachers, we must realize that that’s reality. The videos seem to be coming along quite nicely, and today, we had several visitors on campus!
            The group doing the video on a fitness campaign had a visit from a Clemson basketball player named Jaron Blossomgame. Jaron is a 6 foot 7 inch sophomore who plays forward for the Clemson Tigers basketball team. Jake arranged a meet and greet with his students and Jaron. There was even a small pick up game on the quad basketball court! The kids loved it, and I’m hoping Jaron did as well.
            The group doing the video on intergenerational story telling had a visit from Kenneth Wilson, Dr. Rogers’ relative who also attended the DAR school during his teen years. Mr. Wilson visited the students and discussed the DAR school then and now. Rebekah’s girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy bonding and sharing stories with him. He even brought an old DAR yearbook and some other memorabilia.
            The group doing the video on preventing animal abuse had a visit from a dog today. The dog, named Brooke, came to campus and starred in some video clips with the students. Hailea’s students absolutely loved playing with Brooke; there was even a game of fetch in the Walter Cox Plaza after the filming was over.
            The Moore Scholars broke up a day of filming with a game of civic engagement charades in Godfrey Hall during the second hour today. The students were surprisingly really good at charades, even stumping our scholars at times!  It was a great break from the hard work of filming and video making, and provided some more insight into our theme of civic engagement.

            All in all, day 3 went over quite smoothly and was very successful! I’m looking forward to completing filming tomorrow and then presenting projects on Friday! Great job everyone! 

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