Monday, August 11, 2014

Multimedia Arts Camp Day 1

August 11, 2014

Multimedia Arts Camp Day 1

Today was an exciting day for Cohort A of the Moore Scholars Program. It was the first day of our Multimedia Arts Camp which is the first summer immersion project that we have ever experienced. It was an exciting day as we waited in anticipation for the campers to arrive. Most of the campers are middle-school to high school in grade level, and many of them come from the Tamassee DAR School. Most of the students from this school have been taken away from their parents and homes for various reasons. Because of this, this experience for the Moore Scholars is incredible for our research and understanding in how to reach underprivileged and troubled children.

The theme for our Multimedia Arts Camp is civic engagement. This opens up a wide variety of topics that the children can choose for their multimedia projects. Many groups have chosen topics such as animal abuse, helping the elderly, health and fitness campaigns, etc. The group of children that I am working with has chosen to try to raise awareness about how to prevent and inhibit human trafficking around the world. I thought this was an extremely mature and challenging topic to choose, which demonstrates the abilities of these students. The students in my group are so full of life and ready to dive into the project head on. They already had a tremendous amount of ideas as to how they wanted to construct their video and props that they wanted to bring to assist them. I was amazed at their enthusiasm and eagerness to start their project.

It is so incredible that all of the campers at this camp are researching ways to improve society and the world. These children have the potential to be the future leaders of society and inspirations to many. All they need is someone to show them that they have the ability to succeed. The theme quote for the camp from Anne Frank is incredibly fitting for these children. It reads as follows, "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

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