Thursday, August 14, 2014

     Day 4 of the Multimedia Arts Camp, complete! Most students are getting excited to share their videos tomorrow to the rest of camp, while some are a little shy and nervous about appearing on the "big screen." It has been a privilege to witness some of these students slowly come out of their shells. They are each incredibly unique, which, as future teachers, is something we all need to gain more experience with.
     Today, we spent the first 30 minutes completing a writing activity with the students that Dr. Rogers prepared for everyone. We then shared our favorite parts of the camp, and reflected on what had been written on everyone's papers. Some of the students even shared that camp was the best part of their summer! The next 30 minutes were spent working in groups on presentations, but then we soon reunited and went to Godfrey to play games in the dance room for a little mental break. Some Moore Scholars prepared a game of "Relay Charades", which was both competitive, humorous, and a definite bonding experience for everyone. While some campers were not too excited about the idea of "playing games" for an hour, I believe everyone enjoyed the time spent in Godfrey today.
     For the last hour, students worked on their presentations again. Some groups even finished their iMovie a little early, and had to luxury of enjoying the beautiful day out on Bowman Field and the North Green, overlooking the reflection pond. The group researching deforestation were lucky enough to take a trip to the Botanical Gardens, which I'm sure was a treat for the students of the DAR School. I got to witness the group researching bullying finishing up their footage of some cheerleading and dance routines.
     All in all, it was another productive day at the Multimedia Arts Camp here in Clemson, and it's looking like we will definitely have some students interested in returning next year! Excited to watch the movies tomorrow!

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