Friday, September 26, 2014

GEC sweet 6th graders!
Working with the students from GEC today was one of my favorite memories at Clemson so far. Of course, learning about the kids during classroom time and through reading The Water is Wide has been very educational. It has helped me understand so much about low income and “at risk” schools that I did not realize. But I have to say, actually seeing the kids’ faces today and putting a face to the types of students that we discuss in the classroom was so rewarding. It motivates me even more to put 100% effort into this program now that I have a face to think of. We are part of something HUGE! We can change a kid’s life—we have that capability and we have a responsibility. I loved hearing the kids today talk about coming to Clemson and becoming a tiger. I want to make that a possibility for kids who are seen as incapable of earning a degree from such a prestigious school. An 11-year-old little girl today asked me “Do you have to be picked to go to Clemson?” It stirred a thought in me that those kids have the same dream we do and should be equipped with the education necessary to achieve their dreams. Also, a boy named Andres found a purple Clemson pin on the ground and proudly proclaimed as he put it on “I am a Clemson student now!” These moments remind me what we are working towards with this program. It was so rewarding to be with those kids and can’t wait to see them again!

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