Saturday, September 27, 2014

Greenville Early College- September 25, 2014

Being a part of the Greenville Early College visits is always a delight. To see the joy on the children's faces is truly rewarding. It is so humbling to see how excited they are to be on a college campus and how amazing they think every aspect of it is.

I was fascinated with the amount of questions that several children asked during the visit. This demonstrated that they truly had a willingness to learn and were excited about the field trip. During the campus tour and the planetarium visit, the students were mesmerized with Clemson's campus and college life. Their incredible passion and motivation demonstrates these children want to overcome any obstacles in their paths. All of the children appear to be full of energy and ready to learn, and this willingness is what will allow them to succeed. 

If these children receive the support from others that they need, they can make it to high school graduation. Exposing them to college campuses will lead them to even furthering their education. It is amazing to be a part of showing these students that they can succeed. 

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